Custom LCD Glass Project Form

Reference our LCD Glass page or our knowledge base for a closer look at our available technology!

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1. Determine the type of project: An existing project, drop-in replacement or new design
2. Dimensions (Specification / Drawing / Sketch of the LCD, if available)
3. Connection (pin, zebra, heat seal or FPC)
4. LCD Mode Preference (TN Positive/Negative, STN Positive YG, STN Negative Blue, STN Positive Gray, FSTN Positive, FSTN Negative, FFSTN Negative)
5. LCD Polarizer Type Preference (Reflective / Transflective or Transmissive)
6. Temperature range (indoor use or outdoor use)
7. Type of Application
8. Quantity
9. Target Price (If Available)
10. Shipping Information (FOB: US or FCA: Hong Kong)




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