Orient Display technical support team provides

  • Help to realize concepts to designs, to prototypes and then to production.
  • Help to find any design and quality problems and to propose solutions, troubleshooting.
  • Help to use emerging display technologies into new products.
  • Help to design and to sample LCD related parts: zebra (elastomer),heat seal connectors, bezels, PCB, LCD drivers/controllers, LCD backlights, touch panels, plastic parts etc. to speed up new products development.
  • Help to evaluate customers' final products design/plan and suggest the best technology/design to get most reliable and/or most cost effective products.
  • Help to interface with LCD, programming and debugging.
  • How to Select LCD colors

Please select the following categories for the display related technologies.
LCD Basic Knowledge
LCD Module Support and Related Technologies
Full Color TFT Module Support
Quality Control
LCD Knowledge Training Videos

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