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Touch Panel Features (Product is backed by Orient Display’s Lowest Price Guarantee Policy)

  • Fast delivery: stocked Seattle warehouse
  • NO minimum order requirement on most models
  • Software (initialization code) and hardware (schematic) support
  • Standardized pin connections for models with CPU and RGB evaluation kits
  • User can test different TFT sizes and models without changing hardware
  • Wide range of brightness for various light conditions and is readable under sunlight
  • Evaluation kits with complete ap(?) notes to get your samples working with your images, same day
  • All capacitive touch panels (CTP) are projected (P-CAP) type with built-in controller IC
  • All resistive touch panels (RTP) are 4-wire by default, 5-wire or multi-finger resistive touch panels are also available
  • Most models will mate with standard ZIF connector; no soldering required unless indicated
  • Toper = -20°C to 70°C; Tstor = -30°C to 80°C (is this supposed to be degrees?)
  • Long availability and product line stability to support your company’s product campaigns

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> 6 inch

Size Pixels  Touch Brite Interface Features Module Size Model MOQ Stock Driver IC Evaluation Kit
7.0 800×480 NO 520 24bit RGB 40pin R Std Connection 164.90×100.00×3.50 AFY800480B0-7.0N12NTM 0 Buy Here HX8264+HX8664 JAZZ-RGB-D1
7.0 800×480 NO 1000 24bit RGB Sunlight readable,High Brightness 164.8×99.8×5.5 AFK800480A0-7.0N12NTH 1K Contact Us HX8264+HX8664 Contact Us
7.0 800×480 RTP 420 24bit RGB RTP, 40pin Std 164.90×100.00×4.70 AFY800480B0-7.0N12NTM-R 0 Buy Here HX8264+HX8664 JAZZ-RGB-D1
7.0 800×480 CTP 472 24bit RGB P-CAP 164.90×100.00×5.40 AFY800480B0-7.0N12NTM-C 0 Buy Here HX8264+HX8664 JAZZ-RGB-D3
7.0 1024×600 NO 450 LVDS IPS 164.80×99.80×5.50 AFK1024600A0-7.0INTM 1K Contact Us OTD9120A+OTA7159A Contact Us
8.0 800×480 NO 450 24bit RGB Transmissive 192.80×116.90×6.40 AFK800480A1-8.0N12NTM 1K Contact Us NT52001+NT39419B Contact Us
8.0 800×480 RTP 350 24bit RGB RTP, Transmissive 192.80×116.90×8.00 AFK800480A0-8.0N12NTM-R 1K Contact Us NT52001+NT39419B Contact Us
8.0 1024×600 NO 450 LVDS High Resolution 192.80×116.90×6.40 AFK1024600A0-8.0N12NTM 1K Contact Us HX8282-A01+HX8696-A Contact Us
10.1 1024×600 NO 450 LVDS Transmissive 235.0×143.0x5.00 AFK1024600A1-10.1N12NTM 1K Contact Us HX8282-A01+HX8696-A Contact Us
10.1 1280×800 NO 250 MIPI IPS, High Resolution 229.60×149.30×2.90 AFK1280800A0-10.1INTN 1K Contact Us TBD Contact Us



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