FAQ - History of LCDs


  • 1888: Fridrich Reinitzer, an Austrian botanist discovered liquid crystal phase transition Phenomenon

  • 1889: Otto Lehmann, Physicist in Germany, coined the term "liquid crystal"

  • 1968: A reseach group at RCA in US, headed by George Heilmeier, developed the first LCDs based on DSM (dynamic scattering mode)

  • 1969: James Fergason, an associate director of Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University in Ohio, discovered the TN (twisted nematic) field effect.

  • 1972: S,Kobayashi in Japan produced first defect free LCD.

  • 1973: G. Gray of BDH Ltd in UK invented biphenyl liquid crystal material to make stable LCD possible.

  • 1983: T.Scheffer and J.Nehring discovered STN (super twisted nematic) field effect.

  • 1986: NEC produced first laptop LCD computer

  • 1995: Sharp produced 28" TFT LCD.

  • 2001: Samsung produced 42" TFT LCD.

  • 2002: LCD overtook CRT as desktop monitors.