Bi-Stable LCD Modules

Bi-stable can retain an image without power. The crystals may exist in one of two stable orientations and power is only required to change the image. Bi-stable LCD can change colors, and keep that color even when power is cut off.

Bi-Stable LCD Features and Technical Details

  • Reflective display with excellent sunlight readability.
  • Low power: Zero power is used when the image is stable.
  • Ultra wide viewing angle = 80 degree in all directions.
  • High resolution graphic with 200 dpi. Up to 256 levels of gray scale.
  • No polarizer, no color filter, and no backlight are used.
  • No flickering: human eyes will not fatigue.
  • Add Transparent UV protection for sunlight use
  • Bi-stable images are slow to change,image refresh rate is 8 seconds at 25°C
  • Operating Voltage of 35V is achieved with an internal change pump
  • Add a transparent cover to protect the LCD viewing area.
  • Anti-reflective/anti-glare film added to the cover will improve the optics

LCD Color Combination
Demo Board
Module Size
Viewing Area
3132x64White On BlueJAZZ-CB70.50x44.3067.50x35.30JAZZ-CW-BBuy Here
3132x64Green on BlackJAZZ-CB70.50x44.3067.50x35.30JAZZ-CG-DBuy Here
3132x64Yellow on BlackJAZZ-CB70.50x44.3067.50x35.30JAZZ-CY-DBuy Here
3132x64Yellow on Pink and BlueJAZZ-CB70.50x44.3067.50x35.30JAZZ-CY-PBBuy Here